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Feminist methodologies for international relations

Verfasst von: Ackerly, Brooke A. [weitere]
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press , 2006 , 340 S.

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Einrichtung: Frauensolidarität | Wien
Formatangabe: Monographie
Verfasst von: Ackerly, Brooke A.; Stern, Maria; True, Jacqui
Jahr: 2006
ISBN: 0521861152
  • Feminism meets international relations: some methodological issues (J. Ann Tickner) * Distracted reflections on the production, narration and refusal of feminist knowledge in international relations (Marysia Zalewski) * Inclusion and understanding: a collective methodology for feminist international relations (S. Laurel Weldon) * Motives and methods: using multi-sited ethnography to study US national security discourses (Carol Cohn) * Methods for studying silences: gender analysis in institutions of hegemonic masculinity (Annica Kronsell) * Marginalized identity; new frontiers of research for IR? (Bina DCosta) * From the trenches: dilemmas of feminist IR fieldwork (Tami Jacoby) * Racism, sexism, classism and much more: reading security-identity in marginalized sites (Maria Stern) * Bringing art/museums to feminist international relations (Christine Sylvester) * Methods of feminist normative theory: a political ethic of care for international relations (Fiona Robinson) * Studying the struggles and wishes of the age: feminist theoretical methodology and feminist theoretical methods (Brooke Ackerly and Jacqui True)
  • Sprache: Englisch
    Why is feminist research carried out in international relations (IR)? What are the methodologies and methods that have been developed in order to carry out this research? Feminist Methodologies for International Relations offers students and scholars of IR, feminism, and global politics practical insight into the methodologies and methods that have been developed - or adapted from other disciplinary contexts - in order to do feminist research for IR. This volume makes a diverse range of feminist methodological reflections wholly accessible. The twelve contributors discuss aspects of the relationships between ontology, epistemology, methodology, and method, and how they inform and shape their research.
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